News 24 | “Jeddah Health” reveals the cause of the death of the patient whose parents observed that “worms” came out of her breathing tube


pictureSources revealed that the Department of Health Affairs in Jeddah concluded that the cause of the death of a patient in Al-Thaghr General Hospital, whose families were surprised by the departure of “worms” from her breathing tube, “the caterpillars of the guilty cyst”.

The sources indicated, according to Al-Madinah, that the caterpillars of the guilty cyst are among the causes of tapeworms that affect the nervous system and muscles, noting that a specialized medical team performed laboratory analyzes and the results of the deceased.

In the same context, the Food and Drug General Authority said that the industrial respiratory system must have the standard specifications, and must have a marketing permit from the Food and Drug General Authority.

The health of Jeddah had confirmed earlier that the deceased, named Maryam Al-Asimi, suffers from a breakdown in brain and heart functions, and indicated that the medical team monitored the exit of worms from the respiratory system, and a sample was sent to the laboratory to find out the medical reasons for its appearance.


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