News 24 | “Flynas” reaches the wheelchair of citizenship … and explains the reasons for its loss


WheelchairThe airline revealed the circumstances of the loss of a wheelchair for a disabled woman who lost it last Saturday during a flight from Medina to Riyadh.
The company said in a statement issued today that after returning to the surveillance cameras at King Khalid International Airport, it became clear that the woman’s chair had arrived on the same flight, but that one of the passengers took the chair and used it to reach another hall and left it there.

She stated that Najla is currently in contact with her to deliver the chair, confirming that it guarantees her the right to compensation for the damage caused to her.

Citizenship was She complained of losing her wheelchair, Indicating that its value is 20 thousand riyals, and it is designed with special specifications for her condition, and that she is suffering the most since his loss, especially since it needs two months to obtain an alternative with the same specifications.


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