News 24 | Fifty years ago he went to Mecca 4 months ago and has not returned … and his family is appealing to find him


A picture of himA fiftieth citizen left his relatives’ house in the village of Dafaq in Makkah, before 4 months ago, and he has not yet returned, as his relatives searched for him throughout this period, but they did not find him.

The family of the missing person, called “Saqir bin Fata Safar al-Qarhi,” (55 years old), said that he left the house on 2/2/1441, indicating, according to the newspaper, “He is suffering from mental disorders.”

And she showed that he used to go to the Holy Mosque of Mecca between every period and another, and return to the house, but he did not return this time, pointing out that she searched for him in the campus and hospitals and did not reach anything.

The family indicated that they had opened a report of his loss with the al-Kakiyya police, and that the search for him is still ongoing, calling on everyone who has information about the missing person to communicate with the police.


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