News 24 | City Service Minister: We seek to recruit citizens under the contracting system … and this is the date for launching the “Masar” platform


Civil Service Minister Suleiman Al-HamdanThe Minister of Civil Service, Suleiman Al-Hamdan, during his meeting with a number of media personnel at the annual meeting held for the second time, affirmed that the government seeks to employ citizens in the contracting system in its government agencies, indicating that there is nothing to prevent its implementation.

Al-Hamdan explained that the aim of this is to advance the entire governmental system to a better position and raise its efficiency through restructuring and engineering the existing situation, and simplifying the lengthy procedures by providing many capabilities, in addition to effective automatic systems in the digital transformation system.

Al-Hamdan cited the UAE, which has completed formal government work and has been working with a contracting system in its government agencies since 2012, stressing that the approval of the study of the engineering jobs list will be within the next three months.

He pointed out that the date for launching the “Masar” platform will be officially in the second of February next, which provides a package of electronic services that includes the employee’s career starting from the appointment until the end of his service.


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