News 24 | City Health chooses a hotel building as an alternative headquarters for the evacuated Ansar Hospital


Al Ansar HospitalSources confirmed that the Directorate of Health Affairs in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah has chosen a building that includes the headquarters of a hotel in the central area, as an alternative headquarters for Al-Ansar Hospital and Bab Al-Salam Health Center, which was closed and evacuated more than two months ago.

The sources indicated, according to Okaz, that the new hospital headquarters includes intensive care with a capacity of 20 beds, primary clinics with a capacity of 40 beds, a central laboratory for all analyzes, an integrated radiology department, an emergency department with a capacity of 40 beds, and a solar strike center with a capacity of 20 beds.

The health affairs had closed and evacuated Al-Ansar Hospital in the northwestern side of the central area of ​​Medina, based on the recommendation of a joint engineering team between health affairs and the Committee for Falling Buildings in the area to vacate the hospital building, because it was not valid.

After the evacuation of the hospital building last October, inpatients and medical staff, as well as medical and health staff and other hospital personnel, were distributed to a number of hospitals in the region.


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