News 24 | Bader Al-Asaker calls on youth to represent the Kingdom at the G20 summit


Bader Al-AsakerThe Director of the Crown Prince’s Private Office, Head of the Misk Initiatives Center, Badr Al-Asaker, invited Saudi youth to represent the Kingdom in the “Youth of Twenty” communication group, one of the G20 groups.

He said in a tweet via his Twitter account: “For the youth of the homeland, males and females … those who make ambition and work accomplishments … I invite you to represent our country, Saudi Arabia, in a group that continues to” Youth of the Twenty “Y20, one of the groups of the G20 summit.”

The G20 hosts ambassadors representing the Kingdom to discuss and develop policies for the benefit of youth around the world, and these recommendations or “final statement” are put together, along with other policies from the various communication groups in the G20 to be presented to the heads of state of the group to consider, approve, and activate them.

The Twentieth Youth Summit will be held in the Kingdom from (10-18) October 2020, and focuses on three axes: preparing to meet and overcome future challenges, preparing flexible and dynamic leaders in a changing world, and solving problems effectively taking into consideration cultural differences.

The Group of Twenty Youth (Y20) is one of the eight official communication groups under the umbrella of the Group of Twenty, namely: Business Group (B20), Civil Society Group (C20), Workers Group (L20), Thought Group (T20), and Women Group (W20), Science Group (S20), Urban Society Group (U20), and Youth Group (Y20).


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