News 24 | “Al-Shoura” is studying a recommendation to reject reports of the absence of the 21-year-old woman (video)


ExpressiveThe Committee of Islamic and Judicial Affairs in the Shura Council is studying the recommendation submitted to the Ministry of Justice to reject notifications of absenteeism against women who have reached the age of 21 years, which is the first recommendation of its kind in the history of the Council.

The author, Lamia Al-Ibrahim, spoke to Al-Akhbariya channel today, Wednesday, about the recommendation submitted by two members of the Shura Council in this regard, pointing out that the reports of absenteeism contradict with the empowerment of women and freedom of movement.

She added: The recommendation came on the basis that the regulations do not veto and contradict each other, in accordance with the amendments to the new travel documents and civil status regimes, as well as granting women equal rights with men, without discrimination in issuing passports, travel and residence.

She continued: These rights contradict the Ministry of Justice’s continued acceptance of cases of absenteeism against women, as cases have been monitored in which women are exposed to injustice as a result of the Ministry’s acceptance of these cases.


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