News 24 | Al-Ola enters Guinness Book with the longest show of glowing balloons (video and photos)


AlaAl-Ula Governorate entered the Guinness Book of Records with the longest display of glowing balloons in the world, with 100 balloons adorning the sky of Al-Ula over a distance of more than 3 kilometers.

The airships event came within the “Winter Tantura” festival currently taking place in Al Ula, in which pilots from 19 countries around the world participated, who succeeded in setting the new record, in the presence of a team from the “Guinness” Encyclopedia, which achieved the break of the previous world record.

The incandescent balloon display includes dancing lighting that is in keeping with the music using balloon torches that reflect the light on the envelope of brightly colored balloons.

The Chief Executive of the Royal Commission for the Governorate of Al-Ula and President of the Saudi Balloon Federation, Amr Al-Madani, expressed their pride in registering the record of the enchanting display of balloons, which decorated the sky of Al-Ula with its dazzling colors and lights.





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