News 24 | “Al-Hamdan” reveals the details of the amendment of Article 25 of the civil service system approved by the Council of Ministers


Suleiman Al-HamdanCivil Service Minister Suleiman Al-Hamdan revealed the details of amending Article (25) of the civil service system, which allows government agencies to contract to perform some jobs.

Al-Hamdan clarified that the amendment provides the government agencies with a variety of polarization means that are consistent with the successive changes in the business system, while at the same time preserving the main pillars of the polarization process, which is merit in selection, giving opportunity to all qualified job seekers, and ensuring the rights of both the employee and the government agency.

He pointed out that the contract will be governed by statutory rules in the executive regulations for human resources in the civil service, and the regulatory frameworks for the regulation, which included provisions related to organizing polarization, and other provisions that guarantee the employee’s rights and financial benefits and the provisions of his service in terms of, and his contractual rights in a manner similar to most of Aspects of what the appointed employee enjoys according to the statutory relationship.

He pointed out that the executive regulations for human resources in the civil service enabled multiple forms of contracting for the public job, through full or part-time or temporary contracting, and each type of these types meets the existing requirements of different authorities, and is consistent with modern administrative variables related to business performance .

It is mentioned that the cabinet approved during its weekly session yesterday (Tuesday), the amendment of Article (25) of the civil service system, issued by Royal Decree No. (M / 49) dated 10/7/1397 AH, to be in the following text: “It is permissible to contract to do some of the work Jobs, as determined by the regulations. “


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