News 24 | After the deadline for correcting the paintings … “Trade” and “Municipal Affairs”, they carry out 24 thousand inspection visits


The control teams of the Ministry of Trade and Investment, in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, carried out more than 24,000 visits as part of a campaign to rectify the violations of commercial stores.

The campaign included activities: restaurants, food retail, electrical appliances, electronics, building materials, and pharmacies.

This campaign aims to enhance consumer confidence and protect it from misleading and confusion, and to ensure that spoofing in the use of certain names and brands is prevented, and that some stores and stores do not misuse other similar names or defraud the design of panels.

This joint oversight campaign comes after the end of the six-month period granted by the two ministries to commercial establishments, to correct shop boards in accordance with established regulations, and to apply statutory penalties to violators in accordance with the list of fines, municipal sanctions, and the system of brand names.

The system of trade names provides for imposing a fine on violators of up to 50 thousand riyals, with the possibility of doubling the penalty in the event of a repeat of the violation.


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