News 24 | After suffering from Parkinson’s disease .. Egyptian artist: Acting stole my life and I will not return to it (video)


Youssef FawzyRetired Egyptian artist Youssef Fawzy confirmed that he will not return to acting again, noting that he made his decision after suffering from Parkinson’s disease, especially as he became 74 years old.

He added, in a video interview with “The Seventh Day”, that he did not feel his age how he went, explaining that every day he embodied a certain personality, and then the next day he embodied another character, until he passed away on that, considering that art and representation stole his age.

Fawzi stated that he was offered performances to embody the role of a Parkinson’s patient, but he refused because he did not want to appear this way after this age.

He continued: “I am currently spending my life at home watching TV and only rarely going out, and every Friday I meet my friend who has known me for 60 years.”

Fawzi sent a message to his fans saying: “When you see the artists who left on the screens, pray for them, and call me to heal. Oh God, I do not ask you to answer the judiciary, but I ask you kindness in it, and I ask you a good conclusion.”


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