News 24 | A spokesman for “Imam University” reveals the fact that the top 5 departments opened 7 years ago have been closed by order


Imam UniversityStudents of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University were surprised with the approval of the university’s council on a recommendation from the Higher Institute for the Judiciary to close 5 departments in the institute of higher studies, and submit the recommendation to the Ministry of Education for approval.

And graduate students interested and expressed their dissatisfaction with the recommendation to close 5 departments that a royal order had been issued to open in 1433 AH, namely: the commercial, criminal, financial, labor, administrative and personal status courts.

The students pointed out that the establishment of these departments came to meet the need of the judicial authorities, noting that their survival will contribute to achieving the contents of the Vision 2030, and is in line with the openness and interest of investors from various countries to invest in the Kingdom.

For his part, university spokesman Dr. Ahmed Al-Tahini said, according to “already” commenting on the matter, that the university administration directed that the matter was not approved finally by the University Council, and it is still a proposed recommendation plan, and it was submitted to the Universities Council, and pending Its adoption.


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