News 24 | A senior Islamic delegation visits the sites of genocide of Muslims and Jews in Srebrenica and Auschwitz


 Chairman of the Council of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-IssaThe Secretary-General of the Muslim World League Sheikh Mohammed Al-Issa heads a high-level Islamic delegation to visit several sites where humanity has been subjected to injustice and persecution.

The delegation includes Muslim scholars of various sects, and the delegation will be accompanied by religious leaders from other religions.

The delegation will visit the site of the Muslim genocide in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Jewish genocide camp in Auschwitz, Poland.

These visits aim to emphasize the justice of Islam with everyone and that it is a religion of mercy and justice that rejects all evil practices, whether directed against Muslims or against non-Muslims.

It should be noted that the genocide of Muslims in Srebrenica occurred at the hands of units of the Serbian forces, and about eight thousand people were killed. The genocide of the Jews occurred at Auschwitz camp by the Nazi forces and over a million detainees were killed.


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