News 24 | A Saudi lawyer tells his experience working as a security guard .. and reveals the suffering of employees of this sector (video)


A Saudi lawyer recounts his experience working as a security guardA young Saudi man working as a lawyer recounted his experience working previously as a security guard, revealing problems and suffering experienced by employees of this sector.

This job is very difficult, but unfortunately they have no future, and the security guards cannot secure their day; some of them do not find the price of gasoline or housing, and they are forced to overnight at their workplace, said the young Naif Al-Ahmari in his meeting with the “Tamm” program on SBC.

Al-Ahmari added that the greatest suffering faced by employees of security guards is the lack of salaries and the lack of medical insurance or the provision of a weak insurance category that does not fulfill the purpose, in addition to the weak training and the lack of development of the employee by himself.

He talked about his experience from a security guard to a lawyer, indicating that he realized that there was no future for that job, so he decided to complete his school education, and after that he resigned from his job and enrolled in the university and graduated in the law department, and now he works as a trained and soon lawyer who will open his law firm.


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