News 24 | A citizen accuses the “Geological Survey” of arbitrarily dismissing him for uncovering incidents of corruption … and the “Commission” responds (video)


picture He accused the citizen of the Geological Survey in Jeddah, in which he was employed, of arbitrarily dismissing him, in order to uncover violations and incidents of corruption, but the authority responded to this by denying the matter altogether and in detail, confirming that he was dismissed for his inefficiency.

The citizen Abdulaziz Hawsawi said in his meeting with the “Yahala” program on the “Rotana Gulf” channel, that he was appointed in the authority in 1438 AH in the workshop section, and he observed the existence of irregularities and informed the officials and an investigation was opened and his result was issued, which confirmed the validity of his allegations, but he was surprised to save the investigation results and dismiss Arbitrary, but he objected to the decision and found no response.

Hawsawi added that he went to the Anti-Corruption Commission and had informed them of the violations he had detected three months before his dismissal. Until his case is decided.

He explained that the case reached the workers ’body, which issued a preliminary ruling requiring the Survey Authority to return him to work and pay all his dues from the date of his dismissal to the date of his return, and he also learned that the new head of the commission directed the opening of an investigation into the violations that he monitored and filed his complaint.

Hawsawi pointed out that the Anti-Corruption Commission sent a telegram by returning him to work and paying his dues, but the new head of the Survey Authority resigned from his position to stop everything and fail to return to his work.

For his part, Tariq Aba Al-Khail, Spokesman for the Geological Survey, responded to the allegations of Abdulaziz Hawsawi, confirming that what he mentioned regarding the violations is not true and he did not provide proof of that, and what the Anti-Corruption Commission mentioned was the presence of notes obligating them to amend them, and the main reason for dismissing the employee from his work His bad behavior.

Aba Al-Khail said that Hawsawi was dismissed for his inefficiency and bad behavior with his superiors and colleagues, stressing that he advised him not to appear in the media because he is not a right holder and did not want to disclose his violations, but he is obliged to do so after his accusations.

He explained that during his time in the job, Hawsawi filed 9 complaints against his colleagues, and he missed 5 days on the job, and his delay rate reached 52 hours, equivalent to 7 working days, and he also got 6 sick days and 7 days regular leave, and he did not attend 9 days under the justification of his review For the police department.

Aba Al-Khail added that the employee filed 3 individual complaints against him and a collective complaint from his colleagues, and he had a problem with two of his colleagues, who threw them and sentenced him to a prison sentence and flogging. He also accused him personally of lying and begging, all of which are proven to him.


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