News 24 | 10 cars awards await these .. “Traffic” offers rewards and appreciation certificates to committed drivers (video)


the trafficThe General Administration of Traffic, in cooperation with the National Road Safety Center, provided financial rewards and appreciation certificates to a number of drivers who are committed to implementing traffic rules while driving on the road.

A video clip published by the Traffic Department showed a team from the “Khalk 80” campaign tracking a number of vehicles in the streets of the capital Riyadh and monitoring their drivers ’compliance with traffic rules, from adhering to speed and track, fastening seat belts, not using mobile phones, using turn signals, and calculating points on that.

The campaign team stopped two of the commanders and thanked them; each awarded 1,000 riyals as a reward, and a certificate of appreciation from the Director General of Traffic.

The campaign team explained that there are 10 “Kia” cars from Al Jabr Company that will be presented as prizes within this “Campaign 80” which aims to enhance traffic safety on the roads of the Kingdom.


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