New Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro phone leaked


New Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro phone leaked

During the past days, a number of photos of the new Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro phone that show its exterior design have been leaked, although the Chinese company has not yet confirmed this, but these first realistic photos gave us an idea of ​​the design, but it was not the last.

And Techdroider technical website published photos last week of what is expected to be the phone of the new Xiaomi MI10, and it appears through these images the design of the backend as well as the front end, which allows to note that the screen will be curved from two sides, in addition to the camera The front will be in a hole on the left side of the screen.


The new photos that circulated on the Chinese social networking site Weibo reveal a dark-colored phone, and it is said to support 5G technology, in addition to the fast charging technology.


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