New update to the 2020 New Knight (Battle Pass) game, which provides new features for players and makes the game more exciting and exciting


Fort Knight launched its new update for 2020, which was called the Battle Pass, and this update is considered one of the most important and strongest updates that the game has provided, as it contains many features and additions that made the game more exciting and exciting, and it is also very important In the history of the game, especially after solving the problem of the black hole, which the game faced in the last period, which led to a long pause.

New Fort Knight 2020 update

This update is the second chapter of the eleventh season update in Fort Knight, and this game has been awaited by the players and fans of this game because it contains a lot of new and distinct tools, in addition to the presence of a large and distinct set of maps that help players better, and a tool has also been provided It helps players quickly recover and return to the battlefield, and has been meticulously tackled to tackle the hackers’ crisis that puts the game at risk.

Battle Pass Game Fort Knight 2020

The winter phase is considered one of the most important additions that existed in the second semester of the 11th season of this game, which includes the cold and distinctive winter climate, and there are snow and ice in some areas, and clothes have been provided that suit this atmosphere, which makes it easier for players to walk on ice without occurring Problems or obstacles.


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