New study: Men with a beard more attractive to women


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A new study has found that if a woman is bothered by hair-eating creatures such as lice, fleas, and the like, then you may find men with beards less attractive.

Strong manhood features

As for nature, we have programmed on a deep level to attract partners that show the most male and female characteristics of reproduction.

For a man, this is related to anything related to testosterone like the tall man, who has big muscles, and facial hair.

A 2013 study revealed the amount of hair that females consider to be the most attractive. Women considered faces with dense beard the most attractive. The faces with prickly hair that grow after shaving, the heavy beard, and the faces with clean shave, were considered less attractive.

In this new study, published in the magazine “Royal Society Open Science”, very masculine faces and people with a beard were classified as more attractive than feminine faces or faces without a beard. This is true regardless of whether the woman is looking for short-term or long-term relationships.

Indeed, it was the men with the most masculine features like broad jaw, strong forehead, and beards.

However, when innate revulsion at the parasitic creatures was put into the equation, things changed. The study found that women who expressed higher levels of disgust towards parasites and other pathogens were more likely to judge a man’s beard as unattractive.

In evolutionary theory, this can make sense. It is believed that humans have developed to have less hair on their bodies partly, especially since this reduces the risk of spreading disease-carrying parasites.


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