New .. Google is designing an envelope to hide your phone


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On Tuesday, Google launched 3 new applications as part of its digital health initiatives, which aim to reduce users’ preoccupation with their smartphones.

And the American tech giant has launched over the past months a number of advantages in this framework, including the Family Link feature that allows parents to control children’s devices, a number of applications dedicated to display and manage device use, and the Focus Mode to stop distracting applications.


Enveloper is currently available for Pixel 3a phones, and Google describes it as a “demo app that temporarily turns your phone into a quieter and simpler device, to help you take a break from the digital world.”

The application comes with a PDF file with a design that is printed and folded into a envelope showing the phone, then using the phone while inside the envelope, which allows access to the communication feature, and the camera only.

Google made the source code of the application available on the GitHub site as it is open source, and owners of a phone (Pixel 3) can download it from the Google Play Store.

Activity Bubbles

Activity Bubbles app creates a bubble in the wallpaper while the phone is locked. The longer the phone is used for the duration of the lock, the bigger the bubble. Once the phone is locked, the bubble will stop growing, and by the end of the day the wallpaper will turn into a pattern of bubbles that indicates the phone’s use times, which are different in size depending on the period of use. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Screen Stopwatch

This application works to show a stopwatch in a live screen background as long as the person is using his phone, thus the user gets the actual time spent on the phone every day, in order to realize the amount of time wasted. And when the phone is locked, the watch stops. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


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