New Dam Renaissance: agree on a common mechanism to resolve differences


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Technical and legal committees held in Khartoum on the Renaissance Dam agreed to place an item in the final agreement, which includes a common mechanism for resolving disputes and resolving disputes between the three countries Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.

According to reliable sources who spoke to Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath, the technical and legal committees did not reach an agreement on the rules for filling and operating the dam, and postponed The discussion of Washington’s ministerial meetings End of this month.

The consultative meeting ended unanimously late Thursday, with the agreement to include the main parameters that were agreed upon in Washington.

The technical and legal work teams of Sudan and Ethiopia also ended Egypt, in the presence of observers from the American Treasury and the World Bank, on Thursday, in Khartoum, after deliberating for two days to come up with a draft agreement to fill and operate the Renaissance Dam.

Convergence of views

The spokesman for the ministry, head of the Sudanese negotiating party, Dr. Saleh Hamad, said that the meetings witnessed a convergence of views, with some variations in some technical and legal situations. He pointed out that the delegations prepared proposals that will be presented to the water ministers and foreign ministers of the three countries at their next meeting in Washington next week.

In a related context, Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Yasser Abbas, on Thursday, presented a report to the members of the Transitional Sovereign Council on the latest developments regarding the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

During the meeting, which was held in the presidential palace, according to the minister, a discussion was held on the effects of the dam on Sudan, represented in increasing electrical generation and being able to benefit from Sudan’s share in irrigation water and increase the agricultural area, along with the negative effects of the dam on Sudan in terms of water security and areas Flood irrigation that will be affected after the dam.

Egypt denies being pressured

About a week ago, the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources revealed all the details of the results of the recent Washington meeting of the Renaissance Dam negotiations, which ended in a draft agreement in preparation for the final agreement after two weeks.

The ministry also denied reports of great pressure on Egypt to give up some of its demands, stressing that it is contrary to the truth and the witness to this is what was included in the statement issued by the meetings, which refers to foundations consistent in its operative, philosophy and essence with the Egyptian proposals.

She explained that it was talked about the quantities of water to be stored and the years of filling by indicating that the filling will be according to the river’s hydrology, explaining the matter by saying that this means that the filling process depends on the flood amounts changing from year to year, and this concept does not depend on the number of years and quantities stored each General in specific or fixed form, but depending on the river’s hydrology and flood situation.

In addition, the ministry stated that the draft agreement dealt with the first filling phase in a fast time, and running turbines to generate energy, which achieves the main objective of the dam without significant impact on downstream countries to contribute to providing energy to the Ethiopian people, adding that definitions and definitions have been reached and a description of drought and drought extending that Ethiopia is committed to measures to mitigate the impact.


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