Nermeen El-Feky: Social Media returned work from Tani


The media, Engy Ali, shared her video clip with her account on Instagram, by artist Nermin El-Fiqi, in which she talks about the influence of the social media on her and how she became one of the interactors on it daily, sending a message of thanks to her followers and her audience.

“Because of my followers, I have 4 artworks that I am studying at the moment, and there are works that can be presented with a message of thanks to her fans,” said Al-Fiqi.

Despite her lack of work compared to the daughters of her generation of stars, the star Nermin Al-Fiqi has become more interactive with her fans and followers on social networking sites, especially “Instagram”, where she always publishes her own pictures, accompanied by her friends, and some of the clips of dramatic works presented during her artistic career , As well as the photography sessions that sparkle in it.

She also published pictures of successive photography sessions with the public through her own account on Instagram, and at the end of her wonderful appearance, the artist Nermin Al-Fiqi was subjected to a photo session while swimming with Dolphin, who exchanged kisses with her, while the star said in her comment on the pictures: “I fell in love with the dolphin .. God bless their beauty“.

Nermin Al-Fiqi participated in the series “Nusaybi” and divided you into the third part, which consists of 45 episodes, and includes many different tales and stories, participated in the championship Heba Magdy and Hany Adel, and the story “Go in the Salon” starring here Sheiha and Firas Saeed, and Starring Mirhan Hussein and Murad Makram, and “Maine Tafi Al-Nour” starring Karim Qasim and King of Qura, and “Al-Hadi Yazbadi” starring Nisreen Amin and Nabeel Issa, and “All with Love” starring Sharif Salama and Iman Al-Assi, and the story of “My beloved who betrays” starring Tariq Sabry and Mirna Nour.

In November 2019, the actress Nermeen El-Fiqi celebrated the completion of filming the last story “What listeners ask for” from the series “Nassibi and Qasatkem 3”, by posting pictures on her personal account “Facebook” and commented: “Today was the last day of filming the episode of what he is asking Listeners from the Nusaybi and Qasmati series“.


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