Nancy Ajram’s husband threatens “the stranger” .. you will pay the price!


Source: Dubai –

In the latest development of the house case of the actress Nancy Ajram, her husband came out Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem His silence for the first time after the incident.

In the details, Al-Hashem published a picture through his account on “Instagram”, bearing a famous quote for the British novelist “Jane Rolling” from the series of her famous novel “Harry Potter”, in which she says: “Enter the stranger, but carry the end of your greed, those who take what they do not earn They will pay dearly. If you are looking for a treasure that you do not have under our lands, you have been warned, be careful not to find more than the treasure. ”

It is noteworthy that the issue of storming the house of the Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram is still a talk of the media and social communication.

No mediation for half a million dollars!

The National Media Agency reported on Germanus, denying the news that his client had entered into any negotiations with the family of Muhammad Musa, especially after the social networking sites were filled with talk about the claim of close relatives of the people of Musa for an amount of half a million dollars from the family of actress Nancy Ajram.

The lawyer also stressed that his clients are awaiting the decision of the first investigating judge, Nicolas Mansour, who will complete investigations with witnesses and study evidence, and the judiciary will have the final say in this case, as he put it.

Judge Appeal Public Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, had alleged against Al-Hashem for the crime of intentional killing, referring to Articles 547 and 229 of the Lebanese Penal Code, and referred the file to the investigating judge in Mount Lebanon Nicolas Mansour to conduct the legal requirement.


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