Nancy Ajram’s husband quotes for the first time what he said to the dead man: I warned you … bearing the result of your greed!



Nancy Ajram's husband quotes for the first time what he said to the dead man: I warned you ... bearing the result of your greed!

Nancy Ajram and her husband Fadi Al-Hashem

The husband of the actress Nancy Ajram, Fadi Al-Hashem, broke his silence for the first time after he killed a Syrian youth, Mohammed Al-Mousa, by firing squad inside the family’s villa in the Keserwan area, north of Beirut, about two weeks ago.

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Nancy Ajram defends her husband in her photo with her two daughters, attached to a comment:

Al-Hashem published his account on “Instagram”, a famous quote from the British novelist Jane Rolling from the series of her famous novel “Harry Potter” in which she says: “Enter the stranger, but carry the consequence of your greed, those who take what they do not earn, they will pay the price dearly, so if you are You are looking for a treasure that you do not have under our lands. You have been warned, be careful not to find more than a treasure. ”

The publication of this quote, which was intended by Al-Hashim to reinforce his account of how and why he killed the victim, came at a time when the circumstances of the storming of the house of the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram are still the focus of talk and questions of the media and social communication, after the release of Al-Hashim, the Public Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon returned Ghada Aoun, the prosecution of him for the crime of intentional killing, with the spread of news about mediation with the family of the dead person to pay his blood money worth half a million dollars, but the lawyer Gabi Germanos, the deputy husband of the actress Ajram, denied what was circulated in detail and in this regard.

In his account of the murder, Al-Hashem focuses on the fact that he committed it in self-defense and his home and family, and that his killing of the Syrian Muhammad al-Musa was carried out after he entered his masked villa with the aim of theft.

According to the Lebanese News Agency: “Judge Ghada Aoun claimed the crime of intentional murder on Hashem, the husband of the actress Nancy Ajram, in support of Article 547 (Intentional Homicide), wrapped on Article 229, which states that” the perpetrator shall not be punished for an act that was necessitated by him until he is paid for Himself, or for others, or for his property or property of others, a grave and imminent danger that he did not intentionally cause, provided that the act is proportionate and dangerous.

Judge Aoun’s decision means that a 15-year prison sentence awaits the actress’s husband, Nancy Ajram, if the murder is proven, or he is acquitted in the event that what he did was a proportionate defense.

Al-Hashem said that the final word will be for the judiciary, after completing investigations and evidence.

Source: Arabic newspapers


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