Muhammad Fadl on the anniversary of his father’s death: You are in a better place with your son, mother and sister


Muhammad Fadl, a member of the Five-Year Committee of the Football Association, commemorated the death of his father, Counselor Fadl Al-Husseini Zahran, who died on this day in 2018, and wrote on his account on the website “Instagram”: “When your father lost her hour, you will know that your back was broken. This man was a man in the sense of the word personal.” Strong, good, serious, cute, just stump in judgment among people. “

He continued: “Our Lord, have mercy on you, Your Excellency, the Chancellor, O Ajda, the best in the world, of course you are in the sweetest place now and my son Ismail, my mother and my sister are with you, until we meet soon, my love.”

Mohamed Fadl
Mohamed Fadl

On the other hand, Mohamed Fadl, a member of the Five-A-Committee of the Football Association, revealed that the Emirates Football Association will bear almost the costs of the tickets for Al-Ahly and Zamalek transfers before the Super match scheduled for next February 20, explaining that the establishment of the super outside Egypt raises the marketing value of the Egyptian football.

Fadl said, in radio statements: “When the UAE offered to hold the super match on its soil, the show was studied financially and technically, after which the choice was made, and the contract for the establishment of the Egyptian super match was signed in the United Arab Emirates, between Amr Al-Janaini, head of the five-year committee, and Arif Al-Awani, Secretary-General of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council And the terms of the agreement stipulated that the rewards for clubs be raised, and the first place would get 500 thousand dirhams and 300 thousand dirhams for the second position.

Fadl turned to talk about the application of the technology var In the Egyptian league, saying, “Training the referees on this technique takes 4 months, but the training period was pressed to reach 28 days, and there is certainly awe by the referees during the application of this technique, but the Egyptians succeed in any challenge“.

The Administration Committee of the Egyptian Football Association, in its last meeting chaired by Amr El-Janaini, adopted the agreement reached by Mohamed Fadl, a member of the Committee, to establish the Egyptian Super Match between the Al-Ahly and Zamalek teams, in implementation of his assignment of this file by the committee, and Fadl had gone to the UAE on January 3 The current head of a delegation from the Egyptian Football Association included Hossam El-Zanati, General Coordinator of the Super Match, Amr El-Orange, and Yousra Sherra from the Federation’s Marketing Department.


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