Motorola Reveals New Appointment of its Foldable Razr Phone


After it was scheduled to be officially put on the market last December, Motorola returned to announce a new date after the delay, during which it launched its foldable Razr phone.And that, according to “The Verg” website that deals with technology, which reported that Motorola has decided to officially launch the new phone on February 6.

The American website said that Motorola will start receiving pre-purchase reservations for its waiting phone, Razr, by January 26.

The phone will go on sale at a cost of 1499 thousand dollars, and the “The Verg” website stated that the delay in its launch on December 26 came due to Motorola receiving an unexpectedly large number of reservation requests by those wishing to purchase the new phone.

The Razr phone is the first foldable phone to be launched by Motorola, and it is equipped with a 6.2-inch front screen, and runs the Android operating system.

The phone will be traded for sale initially initially exclusively in the United States of America starting from February 6, with Motorola announcing the country in which the phone will be available around the world at a later time, according to the site “The Verg”.

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Source: Agencies


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