Misk Charity Reveals the First Saudi Series with “Anime” Drawings


Source: Arabic.Net – Riyadh

The Saudi “Manga Productions” affiliated to the Mohammed Bin Salman Charitable Foundation “Misk Charity” revealed the launch of the Saudi series “Legends in the Old Time” in the style of Japanese graphics, “Anime” starting from the afternoon of Friday, January 24 on MBC1 weekly. As it targets the Saudi and Arab audiences.

This is the first Saudi series to be produced in cooperation with the “Two Animation” studio, which is considered one of the oldest and most famous Japanese studios.

According to the Saudi Press Agency “SPA”, the series of 13 episodes will take place in the future in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it presents the most beautiful and most wonderful heritage stories of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula, which people transmitted from ancient times and narrated by the grandmother “Asmaa” to her grandchildren and their robot “Anis” presented to them Advice and wisdom about the past in the form of events and time stations. The series is a window into history that connects our children with Arab values, morals and Iraq, introduces children to future technologies, and celebrates the Arabic language and the beauty of its tunes with inspiring creative content.

On the launch of the series, Chief Executive Officer of “Manga Productions” Dr. Issam Bukhari commented: “We aim through our work to create an integrated environment in the Kingdom and the Arab world concerned with developing creative and positive content for future generations, in addition to exporting Saudi culture to the world in an attractive and innovative template “.

A group of Saudi talents participated in the production of the series “Legends in the Old Time” and in recording the voices of the characters of the series.


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