Ministerial meeting of the Libyan neighborhood in Algeria .. and reconciliation intersection


Source: Dubai – Al Arabiya Channel

Today, Thursday, Algeria will host a meeting of foreign ministers of the “neighboring countries” in the framework of international efforts to reach a political settlement to the Libyan crisis, according to a statement of the Algerian Foreign Ministry.

Foreign ministers from Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Chad and Niger are scheduled to participate in the meeting, while Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Al-Sarraj refused to attend the meeting.

The Algerian Foreign Ministry stressed that The meeting falls within the framework of the determined efforts to strengthen coordination and consultation between the countries neighboring Libya And international actors, noting that the latest developments in Libya will be reviewed.

The meeting, which was devoted to discuss ways to raise coordination to advance the political settlement of the Libyan crisis through comprehensive dialogue, coincides with the visit of German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to Algeria, where he is expected to discuss with his Algerian counterpart Sabri Bogadom about the situation in Libya and the Sahel region.

The meeting comes less than a week after the Berlin conference, which ended with an agreement to ban arms supplies and a ceasefire in Libya.

During the Berlin conference, the international community rejected foreign military intervention in Libya, which accelerated the meeting of neighboring countries in Algeria.

A series of individual visits led a number of officials of countries active in the Libyan file to Algeria, which is trying to return as a key player in the region.

In the agenda, he discussed ways to re-launch a dialogue between the parties to the Libyan conflict, especially after Algeria announced its willingness to embrace it on its soil to end the crisis politically.


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