Microsoft announced the discovery of a serious vulnerability in Internet Explorer


Microsoft has announced a serious vulnerability at the level of its popular web browser, Internet Explorer, which is a 0day type, according to the company, but Microsoft unfortunately, despite the warning, announced that a security update to address this vulnerability will not be available immediately.

And Microsoft said that the discovered vulnerability has existed since version 9 of its well-known browser, Internet Explorer, until the end of version 11, and I warned about it at the time of the Ministry of Homeland Security in the United States of America. That has not been exploited, although Microsoft confirms that the vulnerability in question has already been exploited by some hackers, but as you say, the attacks stemming from this vulnerability are “focused and limited attacks.”

The Mozilla Foundation, which developed for the Mozilla Firefox browser, had announced earlier this week that a security vulnerability had been discovered as well. As the update will not be ready until next February on the sidelines of the company’s technical and security monthly update.

The seriousness of the new vulnerability is that it allows the transmission of malicious code, and thus the ability to control users ’computers remotely.

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