Maran Al-Ahly reveals 3 features of “Badji” and a single flaw … Learn about it


Senegalese performance has appeared Yo Badji The new Al-Ahly striker in the team’s training today, which witnessed his first participation in the division in general, Badji is characterized by being a good station on which his colleagues are based, as it is characterized by accurate passing and creating opportunities for his teammates, as well as his mastery of the header, at a time when Al-Maran showed the frustration of the Senegalese striker in front of The goal, which resulted in wasted many easy opportunities in front of the goal.

Swiss coach Rennes Feiler, the technical manager of Al-Ahly, interfered on more than one occasion to direct the players, especially Alio Badji, who received the lion’s share from the coach’s directions..

René Fyler set a special physical and artistic program for Senegalese Alio Badji, and asked Thomas Pinkel, the load planner, to devise a special program for “Badji” to implement it over five days, before he participated in the collective training of the parents..

The technical apparatus, led by Feiler, seeks to provide physical and technical Badji as a prelude to entering into team training and participating in matches with the team. Senegalese Alio Badji, the new Al Ahly striker, incurs nearly 100 million pounds, after the club recently contracted with the player for four and a half seasons. From January.

Team continues Al-Ahly His daily training at Elche Stadium in preparation to face the upcoming coastal star scheduled for next Sunday at Al-Salam Stadium in the fifth round of the group stage matches of the African Champions League, a game that will be attended by 10 thousand fans..

The club officials made Al-Ahly With the transfer of 500 thousand euros to the club Rapid Vienna, Austria represents the first installment of the Senegalese deal, Alliu Badji, the new team striker, who contracted with Al-Ahly for two million euros, will be paid within a year and a half, and Al-Ahly contracted the Senegalese player for four and a half seasons starting from January this year


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