Liverpool faces Wolverhampton tonight to break Thursday’s knot and set a record



Liverpool faces Wolverhampton tonight to break Thursday's knot and set a record


Today, Thursday, the 24th week of the English Premier League, will conclude with a strong confrontation between Wolverhampton and its Liverpool host.

Liverpool, who have achieved 21 wins and one draw and have not suffered any losses so far, are in the Premier League standings with 64 points, while Wolverhampton occupies seventh place with 34 points.

Wolverhampton will play the first game in its history in the English Premier League on Thursday, while Liverpool has achieved only two wins in 8 games played Thursday in the “Premier League”, the lowest percentage of “Reds” wins on any other day throughout the history of his participation in the English Premier League.

And if Liverpool avoided losing in today’s game, it would become the fifth team in the history of English football that reaches 40 games without incurring any defeat, after Nottingham Forest between 1977-1978 (42 games) and Arsenal between 2003-2004 (49 games) , Chelsea between 2004-2005 (40 games) and Huddersfield Town in 2011 (43 games).

Liverpool managed to win the last 7 league games without conceding any goal, knowing that Manchester United was the last team to achieve more successive victories without conceding any goals (9 consecutive victories in 2009).

Source: Agencies


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