Live broadcast .. Watch the Chelsea and Arsenal match today 1/21 in the English Premier League


Stamford Bridge Stadium opens its doors this evening Tuesday, 21-1-2020, to host the London derby match between Chelsea and Arsenal, in the framework of the twenty-fourth stage of the competition Premier League Excellent.

Cowoora 365 website provides visitors with a service to watch the Chelsea and Arsenal match broadcast live today, which is scheduled to be broadcast on BN Sport 2, and the task of commenting on its events was given to commentator Ali Mohamed Ali, and the first beep starts at 10:15 pm Cairo time.

Chelsea will try to forget the severe defeat they faced at Newcastle, with the result of one goal unanswered by the last minute of stoppage time last week, while Arsenal was the last game against its guest Sheffield United and ended in a positive tie for each team.

The difference between 10th-ranked Arsenal in the Premier League and Chelsea’s fourth-placed table is 10 points.

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