Live broadcast .. Watch the Barcelona and Ibiza match today 22/1/22020 in the King’s Cup


Solve Barcelona Led by his new coach, Kiki Sitten, a heavy guest at Cannes-Misses, to meet his Ibiza team, to set up a match that will bring many surprises within the framework of the 32nd round of the competition. King of Spain Cup.

Kawoora 365 website offers its visitors a service to watch the Barcelona and Ibiza match broadcast live today, which is scheduled to be broadcast on the Saudi Sports Channel, and the first confrontation whistle will start at 8:00 pm Egypt time, and the ninth Saudi time.

The Catalan team will search for victory in its next match to recover the precious cup and absent from the club’s treasures for a while, and will also be required to win under the leadership of his new coach, who seeks to prove himself in front of the Blaugrana fans.

Citin opened his career with the Catalan team to meet the Granada team, and ended with the victory of Messi and his companions with a goal without response signed by the Argentine flea Lionel Messi, in a match that witnessed a great struggle between the two teams to win, and after this victory Barcelona returned to the top of the League in partnership with Real Madrid Who has the same number of points in his score with the goal difference.

It is expected that coach Sittin will face Al-Barsha against Ibiza on the same squad that he played in the last Granada match in the league, and will be as follows:

Goalkeepers: Ter Stegen

Defense: Jordi Alba – Clement Longley – Gerard Pique – Nelson Simedo

Center: Ivan Rakitic – Sergio Busquets – Arturo Vidal

The attack: Antoine Griezmann – Anso Fati – Lionel Messi

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