Live broadcast Juventus and Roma match in the Italian Cup


Do not miss the continuation of the Juventus match against Rome, as part of today’s Italian Cup top matches … moment by moment, via Mercato Day.

The match kicks off on Wednesday evening at 21:45 Cairo time, 22:45 Mecca time, and so far the meeting is not broadcast in Arabic.

Juve qualified for the Italian Cup quarter-finals after defeating Udinese by four, while Rome defeated Parma by two.

The wolves of the capital will depart for Turin, on a perilous trip to last summer’s runners-up, and Italy’s champion in the last 8 years.

While Juventus fans will rally to support the team, during his career in the championship he lost last year to Lazio.

The star “Cristiano Ronaldo” will lead the Juve squad in the match, during a period of glow experienced by the Portuguese, who scored five goals in the last two games.

It is noteworthy that the last confrontation in the Italian League between the two teams ended in favor of the Bianconeri, with two goals to one, at the Olympic Stadium.

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Juventus 0-0 Rome

?Juventus Arena (Turin – Italy)

? Italian Cup – Quarter-finals

الساعة The clock starts (19:45 GMT)

Live written broadcast, moment by moment

Juventus and Roma

  • Welcome to this live text broadcast of Juventus’ match against Roma in the Italian Cup
  • Follow us before the start of the match
  • Juventus squad today: Buffon – Rojane – Bonucci – Sandro – Danilo – Penantancourt – Rabio – Pianic – Douglas Costa – Higuain – Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Many also expected Sari to venture into Baldon, after he stated that he would settle for his physical condition today, and that he could participate in three meetings in one week.
  • Roma lineup today: Lopez – Florenzi – Mancini – Smalling – Kolarov – Diawara – Christante – Under – Pellegrini – Cloivret – Kalinich
  • The absence hit Roma, the absence of Djeko, Mkhitaryan and Zhaniolo will greatly affect the attack of the wolves, and they do not have replaceable seats to help them in the second half.
  • We remind you that the match is not broadcast on Arab channels, given that BN Sports does not own the broadcast rights of Cuba Italy
  • ♻️ But do not worry, Mercato Day live broadcasting center is ready to serve you .. Just please update the page continuously to follow up the events of the meeting as soon as it starts.
  • The match will start 15 minutes from now
  • 1 ″ The start of the match between the two teams: the usual Juve in black and white and Rome in full red
  • 5 ″ The first five minutes passed and it was a complete acquisition in favor of Juventus stadium, amid a retreat from Rome, which would seem to depend on the rebounds.
  • 7 الخط The first-hand dangerous attack is lost from the Juve after an incursion from Bentancourt into the penalty area, but his last touch goes on outside the stadium
  • 8 ″ Dire pressure from Sari’s team .. Juventus knock the ball out of Roma players in less than 10 seconds of losing it
  • 11 ″ Roma needed the first 10 minutes to launch the first attack on the Buffon goal, but it was an easy cross attack by Kolarov that passed without any attempt from the metropolitan attack
  • 13 ي Juventus fans started screaming for the excitement of its players … Allianz is burning now


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