Listen to an Egyptian mummy speaking 3 thousand years after her mummification!


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A voice emanating from the mummy of an Egyptian scientist after the end of 3 thousand years of embalming it works scientists these days.

In detail, scientists at Britain’s Royal Holloway University revealed what a mummified Egyptian priest who lived 3,000 years ago looked like by 3D printing of his vocal tract, according to the attached video.

In turn, David Howard, a professor of electrical engineering at the university, explained that the mummy belongs to an Egyptian priest called “Nissiamon”, and he lived during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses XI, explaining that the sound heard in the passage is the sound of the vocal paths that filter the sound produced from the air that It passes through the throat.

David also chose Nessamon’s mummy, which was in the British city of Leeds Museum, because the soft tissues in the throat and vocal system were reasonably intact, and the mummy was scanned in CT in 2016, to obtain all the measurements needed to reproduce the vocal canal. , Which bends from the throat to the lips, and together with his team used computer software to determine the airway inside the mummy coffin.

What happened?

The airway was printed in 3D, or 3D technology, using plastics similar to those used in making “Lego” bricks, and then connected the airway to a loudspeaker inside a commonly used artificial throat for electronic speech, and after playing the voice in the artificial larynx, everyone heard a sound The word “ah” and “oh”, and the researchers suggested that the sound is a word that falls between the vowels and it is moving sounds, which contribute to determining the pronunciation of the word, and comes out from the top of the throat.

“David” confirmed that the voice that everyone heard was the sound that was produced and not the real voice of the mummy, as the muscles of the tongue faded and most of them did not exist, and it is believed that the priest died in the mid-fifties, and was suffering from gum disease and severe dental damage.

“Exciting discovery”

On the other hand, the name “Nessiamon” was engraved next to him in his coffin the phrase “the truth of the sound”, and “David” hopes to conduct a second phase of research on the vocal path in the ancient Egyptian priest “Nessamon”, which may lead to the reproduction of his voice as he sings He would also do in his role as a writer and priest during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses XI.

In this context, the Egyptian team scientists explained that the acoustics and the music of the songs were known in the past, and in principle the priest can issue different sounds, which helps in producing parts of what he actually sang. To do this, computer programs will be used to build the tongue based on the average vocal tract of this size. .

John Schofield, an archaeologist at York University, confirmed that this exciting discovery may contribute to bringing more visitors to the museum or encourage them to visit the Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt.

It is possible that the 3D audio channel of “Nessamon” will form part of the ark of the archaeological priest at the British Museum “Leeds”, as his body and coffin are artifacts owned by the museum, and the synthesis of his vocal function allows direct contact with ancient Egypt by listening to a sound from an audio device that has not been For more than 3000 years it has been heard, which contributes to attracting visitors.


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