Lemon damage to the health of the body and negative effects that can be caused by excessive consumption


In conjunction with the onset of winter and the injury of a large number of people with colds and influenza, many resort to lemons as an ideal solution to recover quickly from cold, and it is considered the best natural beverage without competition, it has a great role in getting rid of influenza diseases as it refreshes in the summer, but on Despite the great health benefits it gives to the body, and the nutrients it contains, it has some health risks it can pose.

Excessive damage to eating lemon

It is possible for a person to have reflux esophagus that occurs as a result of eating a lot of acidic substances or food full of spices, and lemon is one of the things that irritates the esophagus, and because it contains a large percentage of citric acid, it can cause tooth decay and cavities and remove teeth Dental tissue, which can increase stomach ulcers, vomiting and flatulence.

Side effects of excessive consumption of lemon

There is no doubt that vitamin C helps the body absorb iron better, but excessive intake can interfere with this role, and it can also cause symptoms such as failure in heart function, joint pain, and general weakness, This is known as blood pigment, in addition to the fact that it can cause sick kidneys to suffer some complications, but it is quite beneficial for those who do not suffer from any kidney diseases.


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