Legal expert: Al-Faisaly made a disastrous administrative error in the Al-Hilal match


Sports Observatory: Ahmed Al-Amir, expert on regulations and laws of the International Football Federation, “FIFA”, revealed that Al-Faisaly committed an administrative error against Al-Hilal, after replacing the first-team soccer goalkeeper, Mustafa Al-Malaika, with his colleague Ahmed Al-Kassar, minutes before the start whistle.

A clear and explicit violation
The Prince clarified in a tweet via “Twitter” website, that the presence of Mustafa Malaikah on the bench of Al-Faisali’s replacements, and that his name be added to the team’s reserve list, after his injury and his replacement before the start of the match, has a clear and explicit violation of Article 9/14 of the list of competitions, and Article 4/22 And 5 of the regulations of the league competition.

He pointed out that the list stipulates that in the event that one of the main players chosen in the start of the match is unable to participate for any reason, he may be replaced by one of the substitutes players chosen in the list, but it is not permissible to add a new name to the reserve.

He is not entitled to participate in the match
The regulations expert pointed out that the player who was replaced in the list does not have the right to participate in the match, and the team has no right to add any reserve player to compensate him, while the team’s right to make 3 substitutions remains during the match.

Ahmed Al-Amir added: “The team manager must immediately notify the match observer of any change in the start-up list, and an updated list is provided instead of the modified list.”

According to these articles in the regulations, Al-Faisali, had to play the game with 11 main players, 6 reserves and not seven, with the “injured” angels taken out of the list entirely.


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