Lebanon: The new government meets and Diab warns of economic disaster


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

The new Lebanese government met for the first time today, Wednesday, under the chairmanship of President Michel Aoun, in the Baabda Palace.

After the meeting, the new Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, stressed that his government is not political, describing it as a “rescue government”, considering it “for all Lebanese.”

Diab called for “preserving democratic expression” and praised the support of the army and security forces for maintaining security in Lebanon.

The new Prime Minister acknowledged that Lebanon is facing a socio-economic impasse, warning of an economic “disaster”, pointing to “enormous challenges” facing his government, which put the financial and economic impasse a priority.

Diab said in statements read by the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Mahmoud Makiya, “We are facing a financial, economic and social impasse, in fact we are facing a disaster and we must alleviate the impact of the disaster.” “What is important today is to secure the stability that preserves the country,” he added.

Diab also confirmed, in statements to reporters, that “the economic and financial approach of the new government will be completely different from previous governments,” but he considered that “removing the governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon (Riyad Salama) from his position is not an option at the present time.”

In another context, Diab mentioned that he met with a number of foreign ambassadors, who “all expressed their willingness to cooperate” with Lebanon to get out of its crisis.

Aoun calls for successive sessions

The Cabinet has formed a committee to prepare the government ministerial statement, on the basis of which it will win the confidence of Parliament.

For his part, Aoun called, according to what the Lebanese presidency account reported on Twitter, to hold successive sessions of the Council of Ministers “to complete the agendas and compensate for what we missed during the past weeks.”

Aoun said at the beginning of the cabinet session today, addressing the new ministers: “Your mission is accurate and you must gain the confidence of the Lebanese and work to achieve the goals that they aspire to, either with regard to the life demands that need to be achieved, or the economic conditions that have deteriorated as a result of their accumulation over many years.”

Aoun stressed “the need to work to address the economic situation and restore the confidence of the international community in Lebanese institutions, and work to reassure the Lebanese of their future.”

Berri is optimistic

In a related context, he met the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nabih Aoun, at the Republican Palace. Upon his exit, he commented on the formation of the government, saying: “The media are not optimistic, but I am optimistic,” according to what the Lebanese National News Agency reported.

And she was The lineup of the government, headed by Diab, has been announcedYesterday evening, after Hezbollah and its allies agreed on a government that includes 20 ministers of technocrats.

Lebanon is burdened with huge debts without an effective government since Saad Hariri resigned from the post of Prime Minister last October following Broad protests against politicians Who led Lebanon to the worst crisis since the civil war between 1975 and 1990. Hezbollah and its allies nominated Diab last month.

The demonstrators took to the streets of Beirut with the announcement of the new government and closed roads in several cities using tires and other barriers.

For his part, the new Minister of Finance, Ghazi Wazni, said yesterday, Tuesday Lebanon needs external support to save it. He described future sovereign debt maturities in foreign currencies as a “fire ball”.


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