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Tied a team Interior and ceramics Cleopatra negatively In the match that took place between them at the Railway Stadium within the activities of the twelfth round of the second group in the second division league, the sons of Ceramica continued at the top of the group with 28 points, while the balance of the owners of the land rose at 20 points and maintained the second position of the group

The rest of the group’s results also resulted in the arsenal winning away from its stadium over the Suez national team with a goal of nothing, raising its score to 12 points and is still in the tenth place of the group, but it approached strongly from the middle area at a time when the balance of the children of the stranger stuck at 17 points and fell to sixth place Also, the stars on the channel won three goals against a goal to raise its score to 17 points, and the balance of Hamzah al-Jamal’s sons was frozen at 19 points.

At the same time, Petrojet, led by Alaa Abdel-Al, returned with the most valuable three points from Menoufia after defeating the Shebin Republic with a goal for nothing to raise his balance to 18 points, while Shebin’s balance was frozen at 14 points, while Mars and the channel tied positively with a goal for one, so they approached a lot of farewell to the department competition Second, while Al-Nassr tied at home in the last moments against Coca-Cola with a goal for one, the two teams divided the match points, and Al-Nasr raised its score to 15 points, and Coca-Cola to 17 points.

The results of the same round in the first group resulted in the National Bank equalizing on its field with the media with two goals for both, to lose two valuable points in the lead race to raise its balance to 25 points and is still in the forefront, while the media led by Ahmed Saleh raised its score to 15 points in the ninth position of the group.

Beni Suef also tied outside its stadium with the Qena youths passively, raising its score to 24 points and falling to third place, while the Qena sons continued their superiority and raised their balance to 20 points in fourth place, and on his court with success Hammadi, aluminum managed to benefit from the previous results, and achieved victory over Fayoum with a goal Nothing to raise his balance to 25 points, to jump to the second position of the group, a difference of points from the leader, while Fayoum balance stuck at 13 points in the tenth place.

The rest of the group’s results came as the Assiut Petroleum won two goals against Tahta, to raise the people of Assiut to 17 points in sixth place, while Tahta continued in the last place at 4 points, while Sohag achieved a high victory over Minya with a goal against nothing in the meeting. The first for Ahmed Koshary as a technical director of Sohagia to raise his balance to 15 points, while Minya’s balance froze at the same balance, and Beni Suef phones achieved a difficult victory over Dayrout with a goal in return for nothing to raise his balance to 19 points, while Dayrut’s balance stood at 5 points in the eleventh position.

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