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Despite the catastrophic failure of its “relatively cheap” iPhone SE model, Apple plans to launch a new smaller and cheaper phone soon.

Bloomberg news agency said it is possible to launch the new phone next March, and the analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, famous for his accurate leaks, suggested that the next model be similar to the iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch screen, and the A13 processor on the iPhone 11.

The screen size may be a major reason for the failure of the iPhone, which is betting on it to revive its sales in the middle class, especially since all competing companies stopped manufacturing phones less than 6 inches, except for some very economic phones that do not exceed the price of one thousand Egyptian pounds.

The iPhone SE, which was launched 4 years ago, was sold at around 6,200 Egyptian pounds at the time and did not succeed, especially as iPhone consumers tend to purchase expensive devices.

And if Apple decides to price the upcoming phone at the same price as the iPhone se, it will face huge difficulties, especially that the amount of 6400 pounds can buy a phone with amazing potential.

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