Leaks and scandals .. Egypt’s media in Turkey explodes surprises


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

At 2:35 pm Monday, Cairo local time, the pioneers of social networking sites were surprised by a mysterious and dangerous statement by the “Al Sharq” channel, which is affiliated with Brotherhood in Egypt, Which is broadcast from the Turkish city of Istanbul, reveals earthquake surprises.

The satellite channel, whose Egyptian political board is headed by Ayman Nour, published a statement on its official page on Twitter, in which its workers announced their control of the channel’s pages and electronic platforms, pledging to publish its violations and its financing.

The move came after leaks to the Egyptian contractor, Muhammad Ali, with the Muslim Brotherhood poet and Turkish nationalist, Yasser Al-Omda, revealing that the channel received funds in exchange for raising Egyptian public opinion, calling for demonstrations, and promoting rumors against the ruling authority and inciting against the army and police.

Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali
Yasser the mayor
Yasser the mayor
Funding in millions

To that, workers announced in their statement that “with the emergence of leaks related to the poet Yasser Al-Omda and his saying that the Al-Sharq channel receives millions of funds per month, and as a result of the absence of any response from the channel owner until now, this means the accusations of receiving the funding are correct,” adding that they called for adjusting their salaries to meet the circumstances Difficult living in Istanbul, to no avail, until they were surprised by the huge funding of the channel and the high salaries received by a number of its broadcasters.

They also continued, saying: “And because we are not of high ranks like others who obtain free Turkish citizenship, we decided to vote for everyone, so we controlled the official website of the Sharq channel, which is represented by” Insan “owned by Ayman Nour, as well as the official page of the channel on Twitter and the page The channel’s official website is on Instagram, noting that they will publish documents revealing the salaries of the channel’s employees.

Attacking the Egyptian authorities

The workers published a photo of the contract for the Egyptian media, Moataz Matar, which presents a daily program on the channel’s channel attacking the Egyptian authorities and promoting the Brotherhood’s rumors. The leaked contract signed in 2017 included the Egyptian mediaman receiving a monthly salary of $ 60,000, at $ 3,000 per episode. They also published a scanned image of the artist Hisham Abdel Hamid’s contract, which he signed with the channel’s management for $ 13,000 in the season for 13 episodes.

Moataz Matar
Moataz Matar

To that, workers revealed a copy of the contract to sell broadcast rights on some documentary works and cultural paragraphs for a sum of $ 5500, including “Chocolate: Crushing Civilization”, “Eye of Horus”, “Mummy Story” and “The Trojan Fact” And “How Animals Know Time.”

Despite the Brotherhood’s claims that hackers took over the channel’s online platforms, and published fabricated documents and contracts, the channel’s management did not issue a statement denying or verifying these accounts.

Embezzlement and financial scandals

These events come after accusations were exchanged between the workers in the satellite channel, most of whom belonged to the Brotherhood and the leaders of the organization, of being forced to work and low wages that do not meet their living needs in order to avoid their deportation to Egypt, and handing them over to the authorities to implement judicial rulings against them in cases of violence and terrorism.

Last July, during an audio leak of a leader of the Brotherhood fleeing to Turkey, Amir Bassam, embezzlement and financial scandals of the organization’s leaders fleeing to Turkey were revealed.

Bassam also said that the leaders seize group funds and donations, and buy luxury real estate and apartments in the names and names of their children.

Corruption and violations

In the face of this, the youth and members of the group who fled from Egypt, who reside in Turkey, threatened to publish other records that reveal the corruption and irregularities of the leaders, and aside from funds, gifts and donations from specific countries, charitable societies and relief organizations, and seize them in their names, stressing that there are elements in the group that live As a matter of subsistence, she reluctantly accepted this for fear of being deported to Egypt, prior to the issuance of judicial rulings against them after they were involved in violence in the interest of the group.

To that, the youth revealed that the number of Egyptian residents, the majority of whom are youth of the Muslim Brotherhood in Istanbul, is 20,000, most of whom suffer from poor financial and living conditions, which exposes them to psychological harm in exchange for staying in Turkey and not being extradited to Egypt.


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