Laila Elwi reveals the profession she dreamed of other than acting


The Egyptian actress “Laila Elwi”, through her account on the “Instagram” photos and videos site, published a video of her scene in the movie “The Password” in which she appeared as a mechanical engineer.

Where Laila Elwi revealed that this film fulfilled her childhood dream of working in this field .. So everyone who asked her when she was young about what she wished to become when she grew up was answering a “mechanical engineer” and opening a workshop.

In her comment on the video, she wrote: We all asked us this question when we were young yourself when you grew up aspiring eh .. I had to respond to people surprised him even when I grew up I kept a mechanical engineer and opened a workshop .. I couldn’t actually achieve this but I achieved it in “Aida” from the movie “Password” .. It was What do you want? ”


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