Klopp reveals Salah and Alison’s plan to score a historic goal against Manchester United


Klopp reveals Salah and Alison's plan to score a historic goal against Manchester United



Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp revealed that the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah and his Brazilian goalkeeper Alison Baker had planned a goal for “Pharaoh” against Manchester United a year and a half ago.

Mohamed Salah visited for the first time in his history the net of the Manchester United team, last Sunday, to break his contract in the field of “Red Devils” during 4 previous games.

The Egyptian pharaoh scored the second goal of the “Reds” in the net of Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea (2-0), in the deadly time in the last minute of the match that took place between them, in the 23rd round of the Premier League, at the stadium Anfield, after a superb pass from teammate Alessum Becker.

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Juergen Klopp explained that the players had been planning for this moment since Alison Baker followed, Mohamed Salah, and moved to the ranks of Liverpool in July 2018, coming like the Pharaoh from Rome, Italy.

The club’s official website quoted the statements of his German coach, who said: “When Alison Baker raised the ball, Mohamed Salah was in an ideal position, they knew each other very strongly since they were playing together in Rome, Salah was asking for these balls, and Alison wanted to play it And the opportunity came to them in the Manchester United match, in light of the recent rush of all his players to attack. ”

Alison Becker became the first goalkeeper to make a goal in the English Premier League “Premier League” since Spanish goalkeeper Pepe Reina made a goal for fellow Fernando Torres in March 2010.

The Brazilian goalkeeper also continued to shine against Manchester United, making it the tenth game in which the team’s net was shaken with only one goal.

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