Khatib is not among them .. What is the “CAF Committee” that issued the decision to change the replacement regulations?


The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has issued the text of the official statement regarding the decision to change the list of replacement in the lists of teams participating in African competitions this season (CAF Champions League).

The African Union stated that the committee that decided to change the replacement regulation is the emergency committee and not the club committee that includes the membership of Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the president of Al-Ahly Club.

The AU Emergency Committee consists of:

Ahmed Ahmed (President of CAF)

Congolese Constant Omari Soleimani (First Vice President of CAF)

Moroccan Fawzi Laqaa (Second Vice President of the CAF and President of the Moroccan Federation)

South African Alexander Danny Gordon (third vice president of CAF)

The Egyptian Hani Abu Rida

Senegalese Augustine Senghor

Moroccan Moaz Hajji (Secretary of the CAF)

According to Article 27 of the CAF Regulations, the Emergency Committee It consists of the president, three of his deputies, two members of the Executive Committee, and the Chairman of the Finance Committee, provided that the quorum for that law is 4 members, provided that the Chief of CAF or one of his deputies is present between them.

This article indicates that all decisions taken by the emergency committee are binding and ratified by the executive committee at its next meeting, provided that the chief of the café is responsible for holding the meetings of the committee, and if a meeting cannot be held within an appropriate period of time, decisions may be reached by other means of communication, It has an immediate effect.

The text of the CAF statement entitled “Amending the regulations of the African Champions League and Confederation Cup” As follows:

To all CAF National Federations .. After an in-depth review of the regulations governing club competitions for the 2019/20 season, the Emergency Committee decided to allow clubs to replace four players, during the last registration period, with new players provided that these substituted players did not participate in club matches in The current season. “

The statement on the application of these regulations in the coming seasons also added: “Please see the amendment of the relevant articles from Chapter Five of the regulations, as the African list must be registered before July 10 of the year in which the competition begins, with the possibility of amending it until July 20, the date on which Then the list becomes final. “

He continued the statement:Clubs will have the right to substitute players in the last registration period if the players concerned do not participate in any of the season’s matches“.

Al-Ahly will not benefit from the CAF’s decision to change the substitution list, given that all of its current registered players participate in all the matches of the African Red Genie except Goalkeeper Sharif Ekrami.

Al-Ahly will not benefit from opening the exchange in the African list

The Tunisian Esperance will benefit greatly due to the presence of 8 players in their African list who did not participate in the tournament this season, especially with the departure of 3 players from them.

How does Esperance benefit from CAF’s decision to change the replacement regulation?


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