Khaled El-Nabawy’s doctor reveals his latest health condition: he recovered and left for his home


Dr. Jamal Shaban, a consultant cardiovascular physician, confirmed the star’s doctor Khaled the ProphetHe left his home now, reassuring his fans that he had started to recover, and wrote on his account on Facebook that the Prophet is recovering from his ill health and is now in the second postponement of the second pillar, the condition is stable and uncomfortable.

Jamal Shaban
Jamal Shaban

And he continued in another post, “Hamad God be upon safety, artist Khaled Al-Nabawi, left the French Educational Palace Hospital to his home, by the safety of God, quarter past eight this morning, and his condition is stable, praise be to God, after a successful drug stent operation in the posterior coronary artery.”

Jamal Shaaban wrote through his account yesterday, “The death of the artist Khaled is a rumor, and on the idea of ​​such rumors, it leads to the deterioration of the morale of the person with intensive care and the aggravation of his critical condition. Please do not need to indicate before the investigation.”

He continued, “The artist is still in intensive care in the French palace after installing the pillar of life in the posterior coronary artery, after an acute stroke in the posterior coronary artery, which led to an imbalance of the heart’s electricity while he was in the gymnasium, his fall unconscious and his transfer to receive critical cases.”

Mona Al-Maghrabi, wife of the artist Khaled El-Nabawy, had asked his fans to pray for him after he was taken to the hospital, where she wrote on her personal account on the social networking site Facebook: “Khaled is very tired and transferred to the hospital, please invite him”, without revealing any details about the health crisis That her husband was exposed to.

Khaled Al-Nabawy celebrated the week before last with the release of his new movie “One and One Nights” in cinemas, and co-starring the film, Ahmed Al-Fishawi, Dorra, Hanan Mutawa, Khaled Sarhan, Muhammad Adel, Hamza Al-Aili and Shadi Asad, authored by Yahya Fekry, directed by Ayman Makram, and all the events of the film take place in a day and a night in the Sayyida Zeinab neighborhood, the most popular neighborhood in Egypt.

Khaled Al Nabawy recently presented the series “Kingdoms of Fire”, which achieved great success and presented the character “Toman Bay”, and the Syrian Artists Rashid Assaf, Mahmoud Nasr, Abdel Moneim Amayeri, Kinda Hanna, and artist Mona Wasef as a guest of honor, and the series authored by Mohamed participated in the work starring Suleiman Abdul-Malik.


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