Kentucky apologizes for a propaganda advertisement that used overtones


The Kentucky restaurant chain (KFC) has apologized for an official apology it made in Australia showing two boys looking at the chest of a woman, after calls from a local group to boycott her over the ad, which she described as “suggestive.”

The ad does not exceed 15 seconds, and it started broadcasting on Australian television three weeks ago, as it was placed on the Kentucky YouTube channel, and the ad appears in a young woman looking at the reflection of her image in the glass of a parked car, then the car window opens to show two boys staring in astonishment in her chest before he She smiles and says “Has anyone said KFC?” According to (Sputnik).

The ad has so far received 60,000 views on YouTube, 160 denunciations and 700 likes.

“We apologize if we offended anyone with our recent announcement. Our intention was not to passively portray a stereotype of women and boys,” said a spokesman for the company’s South Pacific administration.

Some described the ad on Twitter as “comical” and said the company did not need to apologize, according to the British “The Guardian” website.

But the Collective Shout group on combating the commodification of women condemned the declaration and said that it “retreated to an era in which outmoded and outdated stereotypes prevailed in which women were seen as a tool for men’s pleasure.”

A spokesperson for the group also said, “Such ads entrench false ideas such that we cannot expect better than this from boys. Another clarification of the phrase” boys will remain boys “undermines our ability to challenge ideas that are gender-based and contribute to harmful behavior of women and girls.” .

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