Joy in the jungle … a baseball and Miss Universe 2017 wedding … video and photos


Former American baseball player Tim Tipo and South African Demi Lee Neil Peters, Miss Universe 2017, celebrated their wedding officially, and the duo held their wedding in Neil Peters’ hometown in South Africa, where the atmosphere of African celebrations mixed with some modern touches prevailed on The wedding ceremony was attended by the families and friends of the newlyweds.

Both brides shared their photos and videos from the wedding ceremony and their meeting with their friends on the night before the ceremony for dinner, where friends and family members told them some nice words on their last day before their marriage contract was officially announced, and the two brides also appeared in some of the videos and photos dancing together In addition to taking a walk in the jungles of South Africa.

Baseball player Tim Tipo and Miss Universe 2017
Baseball player Tim Tipo and Miss Universe 2017

For his part, Thibaud said, in an interview addressed to his wife by commenting on some photos of the wedding that he posted on Instagram, “I am very grateful for sharing your culture … and thank you South Africa for your participation Demi Lee Neil Peters with me,” and added the former baseball player – according to what Posted by “UsatodayThe American – I was looking forward to three things: the first moment that I see in a wedding dress, the first kiss, and the first dance together as a man and wife .. It is a special night..

He added I have been waiting all my life for a special person that I can spend the rest of my life with him .. I was waiting for the right person to come .. Now I am marrying Demi .. I cannot wait to see what our future holds, all my dreams have been fulfilled, and he was worth this wait 100%. “

American baseball and Miss Universe 2017 wedding ceremony
American baseball and Miss Universe 2017 wedding ceremony

It is noteworthy that Thibaud won two national championships and an award Heisman Trophy For the year 2007 in one of the most major leagues in the history of college football in Florida, as was chosen in the first round of the draft NFL 2010 by Denver Bronco, who led him to the playoffs in 2011 in the era of “Tebow Time” Famous.

Demi Lee Neil Peters, 24, crowned Miss Universe in 2017, and the couple confirmed for the first time that they were dating in July 2018, while Thibaud, 32, was participating in the New York Junior Leagues system for the current time. Metz (invited to a training session this spring), Thibaud also works as a college football analyst forESPN.

Demi Lee Neil Peters at her wedding

African rituals at Miss Universe 2017 wedding

Miss Universe 2017 Demi Lee Neil Peters

Tim Tipo and his wife Demi Lee Neil Peters

Tim Tipo’s wedding and Demi Lee Neil Peters

A mixture of African and modern rituals at the Tipo wedding and Demi Lee Neil Peters

Joy in the bush for Tim Tipo and his South African wife

Romantic shot of the newlyweds in South African forests

The first kiss after marriage

Romantic moments for newlyweds

The first dance after marriage

Tim Tipo and his South African wife Demi Lee Neil Peters


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