Its capabilities are limited … Iran is sticking to the examination of the black boxes


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The Tehran government maintains an examination The black boxes In Iran and prevarication so as not to be transferred abroad, where the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority said that Iran had requested devices from the American and French authorities so that it could unload the contents of the black boxes of the Ukrainian plane, but it has not received a positive response yet.

But Ukraine, hours before an Iranian official delegation visited Kiev, the Ukrainian government renewed a demand for Iran to surrender the black boxes of the stricken passenger plane, the day after an Iranian retreat from its promises to send them to Ukraine.

Yesterday, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Vadim Priestiko said that Ukraine would convey a message to Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mohamed Islami, that the delivery of the black boxes would show that Iran wanted an unbiased investigation into the incident, according to Reuters.

Canada, Ukraine and other countries that lost nationals in the plane accident had asked Iran to send the flight data recorder and voice recorder to experts abroad for examination.

Confession after denial

After days of denial, Iran admitted that the plane was accidentally shot down on January 8, in an accident that killed all those
The plane numbered 176 people.

Iran has issued mixed signals about whether to send the black boxes abroad. Canada, which lost 57 of its nationals in the accident, said France would be the best choice to send the black boxes to it because it is one of the few countries able to read their data.

Exorbitant compensation

Iran’s reluctance to hand over the black boxes could frustrate some of the countries that have died. Tehran is already facing claims for compensation and a full investigation into the shooting down of the plane.

In its second report since the disaster, the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority said that it does not have the necessary devices to unload the data of that type of plane for the ill-fated aircraft, which is a Boeing 737 and manufactured in the United States.


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