Iraqis have the right to claim a state that protects them


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Iraqi President Barham Salih Al-Jumuah stressed, Right of Iraqis In pretending to demand a state that protects them and lives in security and peace with its neighbors.

He also said that the Iraqis insist on a state expressing their will, away from external dictates. He added: “The Iraqis are demanding a full sovereign state that is not violated and that serves its people.”

Government as soon as possible

For his part, the Shiite cleric in Iraq, Ali Sistani, urged the political parties in the country to form a new government as soon as possible, and called on the authorities to respect the right of the protesters to express themselves.

Al-Sistani said in his Friday sermon delivered by his representative in the city of Karbala, that the religious authority in Iraq confirms its principled position on the need to respect the sovereignty of Iraq and the independence of its political decision and the unity of the land and people, and its categorical rejection of what affects these national constants from any party and under any pretext.

He also added, “Citizens are completely free to express – through peaceful means – their orientations in this regard and to demand what they find necessary to maintain national sovereignty away from external dictates.”

From the demonstrations of Iraq
From the demonstrations of Iraq
Early elections and ending the crisis

In previous statements during the Davos Forum in Switzerland, Saleh stressed that “respect for the sovereignty of Iraq is crucial to achieving stability in the Middle East.”

Iraqi television quoted Saleh as saying that “early elections are an appropriate opportunity to end the crisis.” He pointed out that “restoring stability to Iraq and settling the crisis are crucial to the stability of the region.”

Moreover, he considered that “if the clash continues between our neighbors and our allies and lack of respect for our sovereignty, it will be difficult to achieve our aspirations.” He appealed to the Iraqis, “Learning from the lessons of the Syrian experience because it is very painful.”

He also praised the role of the Shiite cleric, Ali Sistani, in “leading Iraq to safety.”


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