Iraq is in a complex regional and international situation


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The resigned Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, said in a speech during the caretaker cabinet session today, Tuesday, that Iraq In a complex regional and international situation, pointing out that the state is in an embarrassing situation with all “citizens and other countries”.

In addition, the head of the caretaker government in Iraq stressed that the security forces do not want to enter into contexts where violence is used, pointing out, “We do not carry any biased tone against the demonstrators.”

He said that closing roads and schools is not a peaceful protest and should stop.

Abdul-Mahdi stressed that the launch of Katyusha rockets at the US embassy is harmful to Iraq.

And called on the House of Representatives and political forces to submit new candidates to head the government.

On the ground, tension was renewed and roads were cut off, today, Tuesday, in Iraq after a tumultuous day in the country, Monday, which resulted in the killing of 6, who fell during the clashes that took place between the security forces and the protesters who cut several vital roads and bridges, whether in the capital or the provinces of the south, especially those Qar which witnessed the cutting off of main roads with escalating protests.

According to Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath correspondent, protesters were killed in the center of the capital, after clashes erupted between the demonstrators and the security forces at Muhammad al-Qasim Street, according to what medical sources confirmed.

The reporter pointed out that the security forces fired tear gas close to the “Muhammad Al Qasim” road, in order to disperse the protesters, resulting in 7 cases of suffocation. Later, the demonstrators managed to cut off the vital road, the most important in the capital. In concrete blocks.

Soldiers with deadly weapons

On the other hand, a number of soldiers were wounded by firing deadly weapons near the intersection of Cordoba in Baghdad, according to the Iraqi News Agency quoted the Baghdad Operations Command.


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